Benefits to Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to properly lighting your home its important to consider the exterior for many reasons including safety, security and because it just looks nice. In this post we’ve outlined these benefits of outdoor lighting and give some helpful tips on ensuring that you hire a the right company to install your new system.

Primary Benefits to Outdoor Lighting

  • Safety: Outdoor lighting illuminates otherwise dark areas of your property including decks, walkways, stairs, paths, patios and other areas where someone could easily trip, slip or fall in the dark and hurt themselves. A well lit property protects you, your family and your guests from potential injuries caused by slippery stones and surprise steps.
  • Security: Properly installed landscape lighting will reveal areas of the property where a criminal might try to break in, commit vandalism or hide while evading the police. Having a well lit property is a substantial deterrent to burglars who would prefer entering a home undetected.
  • Aesthetics: It looks amazing. We can all agree that a perfectly designed landscape lighting system combined with aesthetically pleasing landscaping can make a home appear more welcoming and safe, which goes a long way for your mood. Improving the appearance of your surroundings has the ability to improve your attitude.
  • Functionality: Outdoor living spaces can benefit from being well lit. If you have a deck or patio which is used to entertain guests, it’s important to have a proper lighting system in order to use that space after dark.
  • Value: A well designed outdoor lighting system will add to the value of your home. While you live there you get to enjoy its benefits and when you go to sell the home you enjoy the benefits of increased property value. Landscape lighting also improves perceived value and curb appeal which can increase the probability that your home sells at or above asking price.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our landscape lighting systems are all built with LED lights to ensure that they are more cost effective and long lasting. While we are skilled and experienced working with halogen lighting systems and other older setups, we install LED’s because they’re more efficient and more durable.
  • Easy To Use: Our lighting systems are incredibly easy to use and can be fixed to turn on automatically at dusk.
  • Longevity: Outdoor LED lights are long lasting and extremely durable. This makes your investment of an outdoor lighting system even more affordable as replacing bulbs and getting repairs become far less frequent.

Outdoor Lighting Benefits

What We Specialize In

We exclusively use LED’s in all of our installations and upgrades for the reasons listed above. We’re experts in our field and provide our lighting services throughout the entire Portland, Oregon metro area including: Beaverton, Gresham, Tigard, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City, Clackamas, Beavercreek, Troutdale, Wilsonville, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Tualatin and beyond including many parts of the Coast, Central Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge. For more information about the types of lighting fixtures we install check out our page about lights. Below is a list of our specialties:

  • Path & Patio Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Specialty Lighting

When you’re looking for an outdoor lighting company the first thing to look for is there gallery. You should be amazed by the quality of work they put on display. If you’re underwhelmed, it’s probably a bad sign. The goal of an experienced outdoor lighting designer is to create a spectacular atmosphere on your property. It’s amazing how improving your surroundings can have a positive effect on your mood.