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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is your lighting system controlled? A: There are a lot of options to control your lighting system. Options range from an analog timer-being able to control your system through your mobile device. Most of our clients choose to use an astrological timer. This is our most popular option because it automatically self-adjusts throughout the year. Q: Your lighting fixture has a 10-20-or...

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How to choose an Outdoor Lighting Company

For the sake of this article let’s assume you have done your research or read our blog post on the benefits of hiring an outdoor lighting professional. Now you have decided it is time to find that professional. Where do you start? The first step is to establish why you want outdoor lighting. This does not have to be in great detail but having...

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Outdoor Lighting: London makes LED street light plans

The UK’s largest city will also get the country’s largest deployment of LED street lights by 2016 aiming for 40% energy savings, while a project in Rhode Island may change the thinking in the US on lighting ownership, and North East Lincolnshire pursues another significant UK project. The Transport for London (TfL) transit authority has announced plans in conjunction with the Mayor’s office to...

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