Your plants go dormant – You should not!

Every year at this time, when winter approaches in the NW, people tend to go dormant. While many seasoned North-westerners either take a defiant “weather does not bother me – no umbrella” stance, or they truly embrace the season – outdoor expeditions, fall/winter sports (i.e. football), Hood or Bachelor, zoo lights – the fact of the matter is that a lot of people tend to do less. This is especially true when it comes to home improvements. Add in the holidays and it is easy to understand why. What if there was a home improvement project that winter actually provided the perfect opportunity to do, instead of not to do? There is one, and it is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting not only has the highest impact during the winter months, but a winter landscape makes for ideal installation conditions. Checking outdoor lighting off of your “to do list” now will also keep it out of the logjam of spring and summer projects. This allows you to focus more time and energy on making sure your lighting design is exactly what you want. Is winter the ideal time for you to install outdoor lighting? Here are some points to help you decide for yourself.

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Dark days – Fight the Funk

Beginning in November and lasting until February, the average daylight drops to below 10 hours per day. For many people this means starting and ending their day in the dark. This constant darkness can assist in pulling you into the proverbial “NW Winter Funk”. Now imagine leaving for work or your daily activities and seeing your home and property beautifully illuminated. Would this help start your day on a positive note? Or imagine having dinner or hanging out in your family room in the evening, and rather than being surround by unappealing exterior darkness, you are instead surrounded by an artistically illuminated landscape. Not only does this create a stunning back- drop, but also makes your interior spaces feel larger. The NW winter has plenty of darkness so adding a little light can go a long way.

Instant Gratification

Possibly the biggest benefit of installing outdoor lighting during the winter months is that you will see it, and use it, immediately. No waiting until 9:00 pm to see your lights. You will be amazed at how outdoor lighting can instantly change the way you feel about your home in the winter. From the outside, your home will feel warm and welcoming. From the inside, your dark yard will be gone, and in its place will be a visual masterpiece that is not only stunning, but also adds visual square footage to your home. You might even find yourself being drawn outside on occasional unseasonably warm nights.
Designed From the Inside Out – Often when people think about doing any exterior project, quite understandably they go outside and look from the outside in. While this approach is practical, and often the only available one (i.e. roofing, siding, exterior paint), a professional outdoor lighting system will be designed from the outside in, and also from the inside out. You spend more time in your home looking out than you do from outside your home looking in, so in the winter you happen to be looking out at a lot more darkness. While you might not use your exterior spaces as much during the winter, you will get more use out of your outdoor lighting.

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Dormant Plants

Installing professional outdoor lighting requires the installation of lights (and wires) throughout your property. What better time to do this than when your plants are dormant. During the winter, your yard is typically clear and open. You don’t have emerging bulbs or fresh blooms. This creates the ideal environment to install outdoor lighting. While we always leave a project as spotless as possible, dormant plants lower your risk for incidental accidents.

The Rain Helps

Yes the rain can help in many ways! Rain softens the ground, allowing for smoother digging. Rain adds a level of pliability to the ground, which allows everything to go back together after installation. Rain also helps produce a clean and finished product.

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Brighten Your Holidays

The holidays bring friends, family and parties! Nothing will have a greater impact on someone coming to your home in the evening than your outdoor lighting. Everyone wants a home that presents a warm, inviting feeling for their guests. This can only be accomplished from the exterior with a proper outdoor lighting design. Our lighting designs are amazing during the holidays by themselves, or they can be accented with seasonal lights for an extra festive look. Our systems can also be equipped with colored lenses. You get the colors and look you want without the hassle of seasonal lights.

Outdoor lighting is an amazing addition to any property, any time of the year. Don’t overlook winter and miss the opportunity to design and install your outdoor lighting at a time that is ideal for you. Winter is not a time to go dormant. Winter is a time to go skiing, play in the rain, and get Outdoor Lighting!

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Oregon Outdoor Lighting is proud to provide landscape lighting and exterior light installation services to the folks of Portland, Oregon. For more information about our nighttime demonstration, our design first philosophy or to schedule an appointment to meet with us to discuss your options please feel free to give us a call at 503.313.8580. We are here to help you improve the look and feel of your home this winter. Warm up the holidays with landscape lighting from Oregon Outdoor Lighting.